kittyPhoto by Leo Koach

My name is Leo Koach, living in Peoria Arizona since 2008 and Somerset New Jersey before that since 1990.

I am an experienced photographer artist who had a couple of studios in NJ and AZ, worked with well known studios national and local. My specialties are people portrait, pet portrait and DCP (Digital Canvas Painting).

DCP is a PhotoShop painting done on a photograph using verity of brushes and color tools. It changes the entire photograph and turns it into a canvas painting. A time taking delicate work where results are stunning.

My goal with my new DCP is to give everyone their very affordable large paintings with their own subjects. I believe in large prints hanging on walls take more attention than smaller photos shared everywhere else, print or digital. There is a reason people go to galleries and check out the photos, paintings and artwork while there are basically millions of other artworks out there. Subject, size and presentation. Your subject, large prints and your living rooms.

Please visit sample gallery and check out my prices… if you like and approve what you see, contact me to schedule your session.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂



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